Preschool Scholarship

Each year the members of First Lutheran Church hold two events to raise money for The Rev. Glenn & Stella Ludwig Preschool Scholarship Fund; Heaven’s Kitchen and the Shrove Tuesday Carnival.  Here are ten facts about why we have fundraisers for this important ministry.

  1. When was the fund started?  The fund was started in 2007, in anticipation of its new outreach ministry, First Lutheran Preschool.
  2. Why was the fund created?  The mission of First Lutheran Preschool is to serve God by serving God’s children.  The Preschool Task-force understood that God’s children are not limited to children from families that can afford tuition.  While Head Start programs are available to families who meet poverty guidelines, there are families who do not qualify for Head Start and are still struggling to make ends meet.  The fund was developed to help families who find themselves in this predicament. 
  3. Who is the fund named after? The Reverend Glenn Ludwig served at First Lutheran Church as senior pastor from 1985-2008.  His wife, Stella, also a valued member of the community, taught elementary school in the Baltimore county public school system.  Although Pastor Ludwig retired before the opening of the school, he played a vital role in securing the startup funds for the preschool.
  4. Who is the administrator of the fund?  First Lutheran Church is responsible for maintaining the fund through contributions.  While most of the money raised is through fundraising, members may also make donations through memorial gifts.
  5. Who makes decisions about the scholarships?  The preschool director receives scholarship applications from interested families, and submits them, along with the families’ financial information, to a church member for review.  To qualify, a family’s income must not exceed 210% of the federal poverty guidelines.
  6.  How come I never hear about the scholarship recipients? The names of the scholarship recipients are kept confidential.
  7. How much money does the fund distribute each year?  The amount varies, based on need.  Usually the fund distributes $3,000 - $5000 a year.
  8. Are the scholarships for full tuition or partial tuition?  All scholarships are partial scholarships. We do not offer full tuition assistance.
  9. How can I be sure that families in need continue to receive tuition assistance? Church members and friends of First Lutheran Preschool are encouraged to participate in fundraising activities or donate through memorial gifts.
  10. What should I do if I am interested in receiving a scholarship? Interested families should contact the preschool director, Jenny James.