Program Hours and Fees


2½-3 yrs. 2 days

Child must be 2 yrs. by March 1
9:15 AM-11:45 AM Tues./Thurs. $220

3 yrs. 2 days

Child must be 3 yrs. by Sept. 1
9:15 AM-11:45 AM Tues./Thurs. $200

3 yrs. 3 days

Child must be 3 yrs. by Sept. 1
9:15 AM-11:45 AM Mon./Wed./Fri. $286

Pre-K 3 days

Child must be 4 yrs. by Sept 1
9:15 AM-11:45 AM Mon./Wed./Fri. $286

Pre-K 4 days

STEAM CLASS Child must be 4 yrs. by Sept. 1
12:00 PM-
2:30 PM
Mon./Tues./Wed./Thurs $325

Pre-K 5 days

Child must be 4 yrs. by Sept. 1
9:15 AM-11:45 AM Mon./Tues./Wed./Thurs./Fri. $498

2 Pre-K mornings Plus Pre-K STEAM
Child must be 4 yrs. by Sept. 1

Mon. & Wed.
12-2:30 PM,
Tues. & Thurs.
9:15 AM-2:30 PM
Tues./Thurs. morning plus
Mon.-Thurs. afternoon

Lunch Bunch
Child must be 4 yrs.

11:45 AM-
12:30 PM
Mon./Tues./Wed./Thurs. $63/16 tickets

Friday Funday
Child must be 3½ yrs.

11:45 AM-
2:00 PM
Friday $195 for 12 sessions or $75 for 3 sessions.

Prices subject to change.


First Lutheran Preschool accepts applications from church members and families currently enrolled in the school beginning in January. Enrollment opens to the general public beginning in February. Classes are filled on a first come-first serve basis.

To apply for enrollment, parents must submit a completed Application, a $160 registration fee (per family), and a non-refundable deposit of one month's tuition. All fees are subject to change.


A 10% discount off of tuition is available to First Lutheran Church members. To be eligible for the member discount, at least one parent must be a contributing member of First Lutheran Church. Church members are not eligible for other discounts.

A 5% discount off of the full year's tuition (minus the non-refundable deposit) is offered to those who pay for the entire school year at time of enrollment..

Families with two or more siblings enrolled at First Lutheran Preschool receive a 10% discount off of the youngest child's tuition.

Wait List

Once a class is full, a wait list is implemented. If an opening becomes available, parents will be notified in order of the wait list. Parents may enroll their child in another age appropriate class and maintain their position on the wait list for their first priority class.

Lunch Bunch

Lunch Bunch may be added to any morning session when your child is 3 years old. Parents provide lunch from home. No peanuts or tree nuts are allowed in lunches or snacks due to allergies.

Friday Fun days

Friday Fun Days include Lunch Bunch followed by enrichment classes that can be added to any schedule. See the director for details.


A non-refundable registration fee of $160 per family, along with a non-refundable deposit of one month's tuition is due at the time of enrollment. A $25 bank fee will apply for non-processed checks. Checks for the nonrefundable registration and deposit should be made payable to First Lutheran Preschool. Please include your child's name on the memo line.

Families who wish to pay monthly must sign up for the Auto-pay method through VANCO services by June 1 or upon enrollment. With approval, tuition is automatically withdrawn from the family's bank account on the first of the month, beginning September 1 and ending April 1. Those that choose not to use Auto-pay will need to pay for the year in full by September 1. Those choosing to pay for the year in full will receive a 5% discount off of eight months of tuition.

Early Withdrawal

By enrolling in First Lutheran Preschool, a family commits to tuition for the program year, which is September through May. If withdrawal becomes necessary, a family must present the director with at least 60 days written notice, or monthly tuition payments will continue to be drawn from the family's account. This policy applies whether or not the child has attended the preschool. A partial refund will be provided only if the child's tuition was paid in full for the entire program year.