Our Beliefs

We Believe:

That Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior.

  • That His death on the cross defeated the powers of sin, death and evil.
  • That His Resurrection gives us new life.


Our relationship with God begins in the waters of baptism where God chooses us, joins us to Jesus Christ and gifts us with the Holy Spirit.

  • We receive the promise of eternal life in those waters.
  • We also are made members of Christ’s body, the church, in our baptism.

God’s forgiveness is also visible in Christ’s body and blood (bread and wine) in Holy Communion.

  • This second sacrament is nourishment for our faith journeys.

The Gospel is the Good News that Jesus died for us.

  • Therefore, our core teaching is that we are justified (saved) by faith through grace for service.
  • Grace is God’s unmerited and unqualified love for us.
  • Faith is always a response to grace and comes to us as a gift of the Holy Spirit.
  • Service is how we live out that faith in love.

We accept the Holy Scriptures as the true source of Christian love, guidance and doctrine.

  • We preach Christ crucified and risen.
  • We believe God continues to reveal His will for us through prayer and the study of His word.



To Learn More

Visit with us Sunday mornings and share in this Gospel.

Our vision is to be led by Jesus to be an intergenerational, multicultural, inclusive congregation that worships faithfully, learns joyfully, and reaches out compassionately.